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Top Paid Accessibility Checkers

  • Evinced Review [UPDATED]
    There are plenty of things to like at Evinced. The company has revolutionary tools for highlighting problems with the dev process that don’t rely so much on manual remediation. Their tools are able to automatically detect certain things that would have only been found through manual remediation with other companies.
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  • CKEditor 5 Review
    In CKEditor 5 Review, we shall be answering the question “Is CKEditor 5 a worthy upgrade over CKEditor 4, and what new features have been added?”. In short, CKEditor 5 can provide a wide and diverse range of WYSIWYG editing solutions.
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  • Monsido Web Accessibility
    Since 2014, Monsido has improved its services to provide a comprehensive web accessibility scanning that is easy to use and affordable. Unlike many before it, it is a modern approach with many modern updates that reflect modern global standards on web accessibility for people living with disabilities.
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  • CKEditor 4 Accessibility Checker
    You are introduced to a new level of digital presence and user-friendly interface by CKEditor4. This solution passes through the roots of your website and examines every bit of data to identify compliance errors.
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  • FAE Accessibility Checker
    FAE's easy-to-navigate interface makes the website scan understandable for users as all the relevant info is displayed. The Functional Accessibility Evaluator tool operates impeccably for years now, and it even offers the possibility to run a single page scan for free. It's not necessary to have an account for this cause, however the full-access FAE offers much more than that.
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  • WebAim Accessibility Checker
    The many features cooked up into this tool by WebAim, it is easy to declare it one of the decade's best web accessibility testing tools. They have designed many products that allow web authors to evaluate their website's web accessibility to ensure that WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 compliance are adequately met.
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  • Compliance Sheriff Checker
    Considering the level of difficulties web owners endure in bringing their web sites and content to full compliance with web accessibility requirements, Compliance Sheriff seems to be that one-stop and very reliable testing platform. They offer acute visibility or clarity into accessibility compliance issues for your website.
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  • SiteImprove Accessibility Checker
    Siteimprove is one of the most advanced testing tools we have seen in the market, especially concerning the World Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The software's sophistication is on another level and is almost matchless with other automated solutions.
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  • axe​ Accessibility
    Axe is an advanced, autonomous, all-inclusive accessibility suite for people who desire thorough compliance with the tenets of website accessibility. Developed by Deque Systems, axe accessibility toolkit makes it possible for developers and QA testers to wire accessibility into the development process of a website or application.
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