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Axe accessibility takes a long-term approach toward web accessibility, and we appreciate this ingenious proactive thinking. Needless to say, the core of every building is its foundation. You cannot compare a website that was founded on solid time-to-time accessibility evaluation with one that undergoes auditing at the end of the process. Even if both processes would ultimately give the same result, which we doubt is a possibility, the website whose development process incorporated compliance from the beginning would gain more trust by default. This is an important reason for which Axe is incomparable with other accessibility solutions that scan ready-made websites. Another major merit of axe accessibility is its effectiveness in detecting accessibility issues even when using its free version of Chrome extension. Few free tools are on this level of efficiency. That said, handling axe accessibility tools requires some level of expertise beyond the competence of a layman. Unless one relies on intelligent guided testing, which is a paid feature, it may be laborious to run a successful scan.

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