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TAW is a fantastic online accessibility scanner. The accessibility software is one of the few compliance checkers that incorporate a full coverage of the World Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) for accessibility testing. More often than not, accessibility tools are limited to the Level AA success criteria for compliance testing. Even with all their robustness, automated platforms like aCe and axe do not reach this milestone. We believe this is a unique feature that TAW should be celebrated for. In terms of the comprehensive audit report, TAW also scores well. For both experts and non-specialists, the report sends a message, and that is the idea behind an accessibility audit. The fact that TAW identifies issues to code level further boasts its functionality score. Without fear of exaggeration, few free online accessibility checkers attain this level, as far as we have reviewed. The tool supports multiple scans for as long as you wish. Despite its modest products (accessibility is not extended to pdf and mobile applications), TAW is still a great platform for people looking to run a free, reliable accessibility scan.

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