The Top 4 Leading Web Accessibility Checker Guidelines.

Compliance Guidelines Guide illustration

Compliance Guidelines

Web accessibility in the 21st century is part of the movement of social commitment. Always having appropriate information, removing digital barriers, and increasing productivity. Not to mention contributing to the growth of your website audience and its positioning. Undoubtedly, web accessibility guidelines in this century are a fundamental pillar for the inclusive and accessible online […]
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Web Legislations

All over the world, there is a change in perception regarding accessibility. You might have noticed there is relatively new technology on your phone or iPad that enables speech recording. Or you can adjust the settings on your computer to improve font sizes and sounds. This all is due to the growing knowledge on web […]
Web Testing Tools

Make Your Website Accessible Using These 5 Web Testing Tools

Do you own a website or are you responsible for a website? With these 5 Web Testing Tools, you can have an inclusive and accessible website. The development of an accessible website is sometimes a difficult job. Nevertheless, the reward for your efforts lays in making the internet more inclusive for all. This includes people […]
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Disabilities Guide

Each one of us is unique, possessing different characteristics and living a different life than everybody else. Nonetheless, many of us have several common abilities and skills that, due to different situations. Whereas, some individuals lose or are yet to develop in the same vein as the majority of the population. In principle, the Internet […]