Checklist Epilepsy

Checklist Epilepsy Accessibility

Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological disease in the world, affecting about 50 million people globally. According to studies, this neurological disorder is more common than Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral palsy, autism, and multiple sclerosis combined. Generally, web content does not harm individuals with epilepsy (specifically photosensitive epilepsy). However, some web owners use design and dramatic […]
Color Blindness Checklists - colors and checklist illustration

Color Blindness Accessibility Checklist

Color blindness accessibility can help us make the web accessible for 350 Million color blind people Today, about 4.5 percent of the world’s population is color-blind, which equals over 350 million people worldwide. Needless to say, people living with this disability also encounter various forms of challenges when surfing the internet. Therefore, to help make […]
Checklist Visual Accessibility - checklist illustration

Checklist For Visual Accessibility

Visual accessibility affects an estimated 1 billion individuals around the world. While most of these people are over the age of 50, they find solace in using technology. This includes computers, smartphones, GPS devices for almost every aspect of their lives. It helps them explore websites to keep in touch with friends and family. But […]
Checklist audio accessibility

Checklist Audio Accessibility

One of the disabilities that are included in web accessibility compliance is an audio disability. Before​​​​ you can say that your website is fully accessible, you must check the status of the audio accessibility. To make sure you cover all the parts, we have created this audio accessibility checklist. Our checklist tells you what parts […]