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Looking for the Best Accessibility Checker on the Market: CKEditor 4 vs PowerMapper

Aug 04, 2021
Best Accessibility Checker CKEditor 4 vs PowerMapper

In this article, we will be looking for the best accessibility checker CKEditor 4 vs PowerMapper. Both are considered among the premier options when it comes to accessibility platforms. Finally, without further ado, let us dive into our comparison. 

Why do you need an Accessibility Checker?

Next, before we start looking for the best accessibility checker on the market, let’s explain why they are needed in the first place. Well, as inclusivity has started playing a bigger part in mankind’s existence, laws have been put in place to make the lives of the disabled easier. 

Because both have the same rights to equal access as everybody else, after all. Now, to keep up with these accessibility rules and regulations, you will require some tools. Along with finding the right accessibility platform on our review page.

What do we use Accessibility checkers for? We use them for scanning websites and other content to figure out if they comply with accessibility laws. Since we have cleared that up, let’s jump straight into comparing the features offered by PowerMapper and CKEditor 4

Accessibility Checker CKEditor 4 vs PowerMapper: Features

Evidently, both companies have tried their best to make your journey to 100% compliance with ADA, WCAG, Section 508, and other regulations as straightforward as possible. First, let’s look at what CKEditor 4 is offering:

Web Accessibility Scans

CKEditor 4 is truly one of the best checkers out there. They provide deep scans that find issues both on surface-level and deeper in the code, while they also provide remediation services to speed up the compliance process. Evidently, all problems with ADA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.0/2.1 specifications will be revealed, and suggestions will be provided on the next course of action. Thanks to CKEditor 4, your website’s visibility will improve, and you will gain a whole new market share from disabled people being able to access your content. 

Assistive Technology Support

This tool is what sets CKEditor 4 apart when looking for the best accessibility checker on the market. Assistive technology is what helps the disabled function despite their ailments. This assistive technology is referring to aides such as crutches, hearing aids, mobility scooters, prosthetics, and more. 

When CKEditor 4 improves your accessibility, these assistive aids will become an integral part of your website/s. Furthermore, Assistive technology will always cater to the needs of the disabled, with the checkers scan ensuring that all forms of assistive tech can be employed.

In addition, color alterations for the color-blind, on-screen keyboards, screen readers, WAI-ARIA support, and much more are all in place at CKEditor 4 to improve the accessibility of websites that use it.

Learning and training tools and resources 

While looking for the best accessibility checker on the market, stumbling upon CKEditor’s vast library of articles will thrill you. Obviously, they have provided content on everything related to accessibility and compliance. Hence, this can be massively helpful.

The company has also provided demos, completely free of charge. These will train users in the methodology of compliance. This means that you could soon be handling your own accessibility issues. These demos will try to use examples from the real world to facilitate the learning process. Also, they will help you with choosing the perfect options for what your website or company needs. Add to that the fact that CKEditor 4 users will get a free consultation with the company’s experts, and it’s not hard to see why CKEditor is so beloved. 

What does PowerMapper offer?

Unlike CKEditor, PowerMapper provides a mapping tool of the automatic variety, as well as scanning and checking for accessibility issues. Furthermore, Web developers, data architects, and usability experts employ this program in 50+ countries around the globe. Even MIT and NASA use PowerMapper.

This is all good news, but what does the PowerMapper tool actually do? 

As I have said, it’s a web crawler, meaning that it creates site maps of websites. That is a whole variety of map options exist with the price depending on the complexity. These are the types of maps PowerMapper provides:

  • Electrum – straightforward thumbnail map 
  • Electrum 2.0 – variance of Electrum that works better on bigger sites
  • Isometric – thumbnail map that employs pseudo-3D isometric projection
  • Page Cloud – thumbnail map with pages grouped in 3D clouds
  • Skyscrapers – abstract representation of pages that resemble city blocks
  • Thumbtree – thumbnail map that’s hierarchical
  • Table Map – textual list of pages arranged in a table
  • Table of Contents – plain text list of pages
  • Tree View – table of contents that expands

When PowerMapper isn’t mapping, it can be used to scan websites for compliance issues. This powerful tool will check against an astounding 1300 specifications, all to check the following areas:

  • Usability
  • Meeting of Web Standards
  • Optimization of search engines
  • Broken links
  • Compatibility
  • Accessibility

We hope that the robust offering from PowerMapper isn’t too complex. This is the first issue we come to when comparing the two companies.

While CKEditor 4 has made things as streamlined and easy to follow as possible, PowerMapper’s offering may just be too complicated for the average, non-experienced user to master. This is not a knock on the quality of the tools provided, but when you are dealing with accessibility tools, it is crucial that they be accessible themselves. This is why we will give CKEditor 4 the edge when it comes to features, even though the web crawler feature is something that only PowerMapper provides. 

Accessibility Checker CKEditor 4 vs PowerMapper: Pricing

When looking at pricing, it is good to see that CKEditor 4 does not hide its pricing scheme. Their prices are also pleasantly affordable, with three possible options to choose from. Keep in mind that scans with CKEditor are free, while only small fees are required for freelance activities. This is how their pricing is laid out:

  • Basic – Costs between $9-$19/per month, covering automated accessibility solutions and remediation.
  • Regular – Costing $37/per month, this option will provide extensive coverage when it comes to digital accessibility. 
  • Custom – This option allows users to customize and tailor things for their websites. Call customer service to discuss prices. 

Now let us cross-reference the pricing structure at PowerMapper. Four options are available:

  • SortSite Desktop – Standard $149, Pro $349, Developer $849
  • Desktop – Standard $149, Pro $349
  • PowerMapper Desktop Suite – $499
  • PowerMapper OnDemand – Small – $49/month after 30 days free, Medium – $149/month after 30 days free, Large – $299/month after 30 days free. 

If you’d like to learn in more detail what PowerMapper offers click here.

When comparing prices between CKEditor 4 and PowerMapper, it appears that CKEditor again takes the cake. This is because they haven’t over-complicated their offering, which is very reasonably priced on top of that. 

PowerMapper, on the other hand, is more expensive and more difficult to understand in terms of what you’re getting. 

Accessibility Checker CKEditor 4 vs PowerMapper: The Positives 

We will now cross-reference the best aspects of the two companies through the chart below:

CKEditor 4PowerMapper
Straightforward, streamlined interfaceTest entire websites in 5 minutes or less
Thorough, detailed scanning of all compliance issues regulated by ADA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.0/2.1.Remove the need for consultancies, reducing costs drastically
A very reliable remediation process Analyze more than 1300 factors when checking accessibility
Demos are complimentaryEffective at bringing in more visitors to your website and keeping them there
Top-of-the-line assistive tech support
The prices are disclosed and quite affordable

Accessibility Checker CKEditor 4 vs PowerMapper: Cons

After looking at the positives, it’s time to see the negatives when it comes to PowerMapper and CKEditor:

CKEditor 4 PowerMapper
It is difficult to implement the framework of CKEditor 4Crashes can occur when handling huge amounts of data
Implementation requires the creation of script elements and their attachment to the DOM (Document Object Model)Sharing data isn’t easy 

Accessibility Checker CKEditor 4 vs PowerMapper: The Final Verdict 

We have finally reached the end of our review, where we will give our opinion on which option we feel is better. 

Well, we’ll keep it short – PowerMapper is also a very efficient and complex tool, but it may be just a little too complex for the average user. For those with coding and web dev experience, it may offer more than CKEditor 4, but neither is the greatest option for complete novices.

CKEditor 4 is also the more affordable option, they offer complimentary demos, and their accessibility checker crashes less than the PowerMapper one, which has been known to shut down when handling very large websites. 

In summation, we feel comfortable recommending CKEditor 4 Accessibility Checker. If you are looking for the best accessibility checker on the market today, you may have just found it.

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