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No doubt aCe is a nice tool for website accessibility audits. For one, the platform provides a free scan for all. This way, the brand creates awareness of a site’s compliance status, which is a good beginning. However, a good start is not enough to save your business from potential lawsuits.

Furthermore, aCe has one of the most elaborate and colorful audit reports, which makes it easy to not only pronounce a verdict about compliance but equally gives a sufficient explanation of what is wrong and where it is. Every accessed requirement includes a snapshot of code elements. Despite these positive features, aCe has quite a several limitations. First of all, the accessibility audit software does not conduct a comprehensive scan of your website. The free scan does not even encompass the default website pages: homepage, about, and contact us. Instead, aCe scans only the homepage while leaving other pages unattended. This approach is not so good enough to boast website accessibility. For this reason, aCe’s accessibility audit report could not be said to be reliable since a complaint homepage does not equal to the whole of the website. It is a considerable risk to rely on such a test except to trust it as a preliminary step.

It would have been better if aCe had provision for all-inclusive website audit even if that would attract a premium fee. However, this is even not available. There is no way to get a detailed report of your website —or even a substantial part of it if not all —by relying on aCe. You may need to look for other accessibility checkers before you could do that. This lack of autonomy is the biggest downside of this beautiful website accessibility audit. If not, it would have been one of the best, if not the best, accessibility evaluation platform on the market. Also, aCe does not have a provision for PDF scanning as well as mobile accessibility. That said, aCe is still popular with many businesses and is relied upon by thousands of brands for their accessibility audit.

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