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BoIA’s A11y accessibility checker is a nice tool with several interesting features. First, it scans websites against hundreds of accessibility rules that are grounded in WCAG 2.1. Second, it presents a detailed report, which makes the remediation process exceedingly easy for developers.

Furthermore, BoIA’s A11y Color Contrast Validator is another unique tool that sets the accessibility platform apart. From our experience with accessibility checkers, this tool is very useful and reliable. Very few tools, if any, compares with its accuracy and generosity. What’s more, this tool supports multiple-page scanning. So, you can test on as many pages as necessary. And it is free.

It understandable that A11y Accessibility Checker’s initial scan concentrates on a few pages. Nonetheless, it may have been a better approach if a specific page or part of the web was made the focus. Besides, most of the free automated accessibility checkers we have reviewed focused only on the initial check’s homepage. This style’s benefit is that it makes it easy to track down issues flagged in the check.

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